Registration (Fees, Deadlines)

Online registrations for any event are open (usually 7 days prior the event in question) registration fees or nominations are as follows until further notice:
  • Up until 2100 hours on the Wednesday preceding the event $15.00;
  • After 2100 hours on the Wednesday preceding the event and before 2100 hours on the following Thursday they will be $20.00 (i.e. a $5.00 late fee will be added);
  • After 2100 hours on Thursday preceding the event online registrations will close;
  • After 2100 hours on the Thursday further requests to register will remain at $20.00 and should be forwarded by email to the handicapper and accepted at the handicappers discretion. Payment should then be made on the day of the event.
Depending on the type of event advertised (i.e. GSR or HCP) the following will also apply to late registrations (subject to handicapper's discretion):
  • In the case of a GSR a late entry can typically be accommodated up to but no later than 0800 on race day;
  • HCPs are more complex events. As such a clear view of the number of entrants is required no later than 1700 on the Friday before the event. That said any later requests to enter need to be discussed and agreed with the handicapper.