Race Requirements

Advertised race events will be held depending on the number of riders who register for the event. Depending on registration numbers the following:
  • If there are less than 20 registrations then the event will be cancelled.
  • If there are 20-30 registrations then a 1 Division HCP race will take place irrespective of whether a GSR or HCP was advertised.
  • If there are 30 or more registrations and a GSR was advertised then the GSR will take place.
  • If there are in excess of 30 registrations and a HCP was advertised then a 2 Division HCP will take place.
Timekeeping: All AMCC race events are timed using the MyLaps timekeeping system.  The MyLaps timekeeping system comprise the following:
  • Centralised infrastructure located at the finish line of each race (computer, MyLaps software, finish line decoder and road sensor cables).
  • MyLaps Pro-Chip transponders fixed to each riders bike.
  • All riders are expected to acquire a MyLaps transponder as a condition of membership, and to keep its license up to date. MyLaps transponders can be acquired from the AMCC timekeeper or direct from the MyLaps website.
The following are the general requirements of all riders registering to race in an AMCC event:
  • Riders should be in general good health;
  • Should a rider be returning to racing following a major illness or other accident (e.g. broken femur, collarbone or similar) then they should get a clearance from their regular doctor indicating that they are fit to return to bike racing. The clearance document should be presented to the race referee prior to the race;
  • Bikes should be clean and in general good repair;
  • Riders should be dressed appropriately for bike racing (lycra knicks, jerseys, socks), should wear a bike helmet with an Australian approved and current sticker. Random helmet checks by the referee may take place prior to any race event. Any rider without the appropriately approved helmet will nort be allowed to race. 
The race referee, race director or other race day official will on occasion draw attention to any rider where any of these requirements are not being met. Where the rider cannot rectify the issues identified they will not be able to continue to race.