Annual Fees


The AVCC licence fee includes a charge for your AVCC rider licence, associated insurance, plus membership of the AMCC for all or part of a calendar year (1 January to 31 December).

Until next years membership details have been decided there is a last quarter membership available for a limited time at $67.00.
Please disregard below information.
Fees can be paid anytime after 1 October and will cover you for the remainder of the current calendar year (new members only) and the following calendar year.

NB. Annual membership fees include AVCC racing licence, rider insurance, and AMCC membership.  Members who wish to be exempted from marshaling duties during the year (generally no more than 1 race) are charged an extra $50.00 (see below).
Annual membership categories and fees are as follows:
  • Full member = $160.00 (marshaling), $210.00 (marshaling exempt)
  • Pensioner member (65 years and over) = $135.00 (marshaling), $185.00 (marshaling exempt)
  • Country member (100 kilometres or more from Adelaide CBD) = $135.00 (marshaling), $185.00 (marshaling exempt)
  • Non-riding members = $30.00
  • Volunteers = $5.00 (paid by AMCC) to cover the costs of liability insurance